Waking In Alania Series

Waking In Alania Series is a special addition to Being in A.I.S. Publications.  Inspirational and Empowering Stories always make difficult ideas easy to inner-stand for that ah-ha inner shift to the next level of awareness.

A Newly Inspired Sci-Fi Fantasy Series about who we are as Spiritual Beings Living a Multidimensional Bio-Spiritual Existence in a World Really Not So Far Away.

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In Book I: Orb of Ment-A our distant past (subjective) is a Planet called Tara, an advanced civilization, where people live by the Law of One, they do not eat food to sustain them. However, there is a darkness lurking in the shadows of the Planet’s soul, which has the potential of destroying All Life on Tara.

Kara is from the Continent of Alania, where the Solar Templar Initiates dominate and the people are slowly being drained of their life force energy, which the Solar Templar Initiates use to control Tara’s Planetary Templar (Morphogenetic Field).

Kara meets up with some unlikely characters from New Guam, an Island located between Alania and the continent of Musa. Musa is the last Planetary Stronghold for those that live by the Law of One. Through her encounter with these powerful people who stand between those who live as Self Sovereigns and those that want to dominate all Life everywhere Kara learns about her own innate power as a Self Sovereign Being.  Can they save Tara?

Book II

Meanwhile back in present time Earth, Candice (aka Kara) meets up with her Team, who travel through the inner portals of Earth awakening the once dormant passages leading to an even bigger World than her Beloved Tara. Yet even in this New World lurks an evil so vile that it almost makes even the Annu Templar Solar Initiates (Federation) out to be good guys.

Always in the background are Rashala UR and the Alliance of Guardians. Who are they and what is their purpose? Will Kara/Candice and Alliance of Guardians Team wake up Earth in Time?

Keep your eyes out for Book II coming out later this year


Waking in Alania is a vivid and powerful tale that brings to life our planet’s secret origins. Katie’s captivating storytelling evokes a clear picture of times long forgotten and awakens ancient memories in its readers.


Strong Work Katie! I luved reading it. Much insight and knowledge is shared about the works of the Ancient Ones. Thank you!

First official review on Amazon:

I had so much trouble to stop reading it to break away to do something important needing to be handled. It really moved me very deeply at times is an understatement bring tears many times to me.

The memories coming back to me of those times were heart moving, with so much love of what it is to remember being one with all there is.
Thank you Katie from my unconditional loving eternal being for so wonderfully scripting the frequency behind the words that so easily flowed moving me so deeply, Katie, well done!

Bob Stott, Amazon Customer

Second official Amazon Review:

The author uses a light touch to create a fantasy world in which the characters are well defined by their realistic dialogue and imaginative description. The storyline moves smoothly to show the reflection of the sociopolitical structure of one group against that of an opposite one with vivid clarity. This novel keeps the reader involved until s/he feels at home within its locales.
The mechanics of writing, such as punctuation, sentence structure, and consistency in capitalization clearly need more attention and/or study. Over all, an exciting read.

Moira Chastain, Amazon Reviewer

The following are excerpts from the book starting with the Introduction and then a scene from the book to give the reader a taste of what is to come.


While this story appears to be a typical Sci-Fi story it is really a piece of Earth’s ancient hidden history.  Much of the history I had re-membered through my affiliation with the Freedom Teachings of Keylontic Science. The rest of the knowledge gained was through the life that the characters in the story shared through me.  Kara, Eshwa, Genado, Prince Caldor, Queen Asana and Even General Damien all have a life of their own in my heart. I was glad I could get their story down on paper.  This book was a long time coming.

 I had started it in 2006 while I was living in New Mexico.  A friend of mine, Black Unicorn, at the time really felt that I should be a storyteller of Keylontic Science which is the study of light, sound, base codes of matter, multidimensionality and creation mechanics.  Quite a mouthful is it not.  Well, needless to say, it has been hard for most people to grasp the technicals involved. But I hope this book gives one the heart and meaning of  Keylontic Science which is really to say how to live truly by the Law of One or the One-ness that I refer to so intensely in this book.  In fact, it is really an example of how all Angelic Humans can live a full whole life. 

I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.  May you be your full One-ness self co-creating with the elements of life around you.

With much love and Peace, Katie O’She Wha’Nitah

Now a scene from the book:

Alania in All its Splendor was a Dying World

The air was electric with an unusual glow around the room.  It made Kara feel a little light headed as her stomach tensed. At that moment bells rang and drums sounded as the proceedings began.  Everyone was silent as a bright white light emanated throughout the room as the Solar Initiates of the Templar, floated into the room. 

The energy became electric as the air around everyone began to sing.  Everyone responded in kind to the sounds that came from within them.  Kara felt the presence of these beings but again felt this cold chill like something was not quite right, and it seemed like no one else felt it, as she looked around to see people mesmerized by their presence. Everyone seemed like they lost their self- will and would do anything this being asked them to do. 

Why Kara did not respond to this energy she did not know?  The Templar’s had approached Kara a few times in the past to join their organization.  While Kara admired much of what they followed and the power that they wielded, she knew that they did not follow the Law of One any-more and that they only wanted her for the power they could wield from her.

Next Prince Drogo, a tall thin boned being, with light brown hair with flex’s of grey that reflected the light in all his finery, stepped onto the stage dressed in a white flowing robe. While there was an outer appearance of light around him there was a dark essence about him that left Kara cold.  Allegiance was demanded by his very presence with cold blue eyes, all hailed him as ruler. 

Kara knew she had to respond in kind but her heart was screaming no!  As she looked into his eyes, she saw a need for power and control.  Frightened by his eyes Kara looked away.  Prince Drogo on this day became the new Ruler of Alania.  The crowd was deafening as all cheered the new regent. 

No one spoke of the Melchizedek that had been in line to take over, but had died of heart failure in a land where that rarely happened. He was a person who in Kara and many others opinions, intended to make a lot of positive changes to help a dying planet re-cover.

 At the reception, there was much dance and drinking of wine spirits.  Kara was holding her glass that she would probably hold onto the remainder of the party.  The last time she drank it did not sit well with her.  Kara stood watching the people.  Some coming to talk to her for a few moments and then going off to speak to someone else.  Kara did not mind these parties; she was trained in the trivialities of small talk. 

But as the night progressed she became bored as people’s energies became more erotic with the wine spirits.  She felt tired and alone in this crowded place.  Her soon to be husband had left hours ago, thankfully.  To Kara, Lord Phelp seemed to appear to be someone that he was not?  She did not trust him but did not have any facts to back this up.  She was glad that he was gone more than he was at home. 

She walked through the great hall finding a small dimly lit quiet back room to sit down.  As her thoughts drifted away, they were interrupted by voices of what sounded like men talking as they walked into the room.  Their accents were hard to follow.  Again she thought of New Guam.  They did not see her right away due to where she was sitting in the room.  They were talking about the current troubles in their land and their frustrations at the current Alanian government.  Kara was sitting very still as she listened.  They did not seem to be mesmerized by the current ruler.

  Kara sighed curiously at this.  Yet, she knew that they were in great danger being here particularly when they started talking about the damage that was occurring to the planet.  They were worried about how the Alanian’s wanted to mine any-where they wanted to without any consideration of how that would affect the land.  In particular, there was one person named Eshwa, who spoke very vehemently to his friend about the situation.

 “Caldor, we have to do something about this raping and pillaging of this Earth especially in regards to the misuse of the power generators.  The land has been shaking more and more and the quality of the air is getting worse and worse.  It is getting harder to regenerate our energies and I have heard that there are mutants that are now eating other life forms from the animal and plant kingdoms!”

“Eshwa, I agree but what are we to do?  It is dangerous to even talk here about it.” 

At that moment there was a clunking sound.  The two men jumped to look to where the sound came from.  The glass Kara had been holding had slipped out of her hand and toppled to the floor.  Kara looked very guilty as she sat there in silence not knowing what to say and feeling bad for eavesdropping.

“Who is this?” 

As Kara looked up to address her accuser, her eyes locked once again with the man she had seen earlier before the coronation had commenced.    They just stared at each other for what seemed like an eternity but was only a moment. Caldor intervened and broke the silence

“Eshwa, you are scaring the poor girl.  Miss, why are you away from the party alone?” 

“I was tired of the crowd and needed space.  It was quiet in here until you two came in.

Eshwa and Caldor laughed at this. Caldor’s hazel eyes glittered mischievously.

 “Yes, dear lady we were having quite a discussion.  What do you think of what we were saying?”

Kara looked him in the eye.

 “What you talk about may get you into a lot of trouble in this place.  Yet, I find myself having the same concerns as you.”

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