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Be Your Empowerment through Being In Alignment In Spirit. Thank you so much for choosing our literature in the next logical step in “New Thought”. Our Books are for your enjoyment and awareness and not to diagnose or Treat any illness or problem.

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In Regards To Shipping:  Please allow 2-3 weeks for CreateSpace (Printer) to print the book and ship it out. The shipping cost you pay is their shipping and handling cost. If you are able to buy both books at the same time is actually more cost effective.

Int’l Buyers please follow instructions for determining International Postage Page. Please email me at katie@alignmentinspirit if you have any questions.


There is a deep commitment by Alignment In Spirit Inc. for the Re-Membering of the Bio-Spiritual of Man at many levels but to do this takes a great commitment of time and energy hence the balance between Service to others and Service to Self. While we do not as yet have a large number of products and Services created by Spirit the ones we have written took much soul searching, meditation, life experience and intuitive insight to create.

We are really proud of our current paperback products: The Essence of the Law of One and Self-Empowerment Principles of Awareness Handbook and  Waking in Alania Book I: Orb of Ment-A. Currently Waking in Alania is Available on Amazon. Waking In Alania Book I Paperback & Kindle on Amazon

There is a mindset when we are doing Spirit work to never charge anything because it should be for free because no one owns The Spiritual Essence that flows through us. If we follow that line of reasoning then the artists should not get compensated for their work or anyone who follows inspired action should never be compensated. Which in a moneyless society where everyone takes care of everyone else this works out well and is one of our many goals.

All these products are reasonably priced, yet still allowing the continuation of Alignment In Spirit Inc to further publish other inspirational material. We are still looking to have Waking in Alania Book II finished the first part of Next year. Also, there are some other materials I am working on that delves deeper into who we are as Elemental Beings and some other interesting topics not quite ready to say publically.

Plus do not forget the great insights that are posted on the website/ Facebook for free by both Geo-RaMur Aqua El and Me. So again please support Alignment In Spirit by purchasing our great products and please share our information with whomever you think will be interested.

Much LUV, Peace, and Joy,

Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah, A.I.S.