My further Declaration of Life Purpose that Creates The Life of Alignment In Spirit Inc.™ Here on This Earth Plane

My purpose on this Earth Plane is the transformation of existence as we know it through our personal relationship with the Natural Laws (Elohim) of Mind of the Elemental Kingdom. This knowledge and the awareness that seeps into our Being expands joyfully as we embody who we are as God Source 1st Eternal All’ah Ah-yah’ A’ya (You, Me, We, Us, They, IT) into New Earth plane and beyond.

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Entity Zoning: The Manufacturing of the Soul in the Flesh as we fully transition to New Earth

I am the individuus of the All One. What I share is my own peculiar Template perspective that applies to my own Inner World Journey as IT. Do not take it as absolute Truth but just see where it fits for you in your World where you too are individuus of the All One.  You too have your own inner truth of Self that is aching to be joyfully expressed.  My purpose is to be an example of what really the norm is and not what is considered the exception or something “Special”.  Seth/ Abraham-Hicks are not just disembodied Spirits.  They are expressions of a deeper inner Being of Self for all to express in their own unique way.  Continue reading “Entity Zoning: The Manufacturing of the Soul in the Flesh as we fully transition to New Earth”

This is For All Who Struggle With Their Lower-Self Seemingly to No End

This Poem was inspired by a combination of listening to some of Jane Roberts Poems and doing my own personal Belief Journal. This Poem was my Inner Being O’she’s answer.  How complicated we make life as I stand before you all unfettered. LOL

To My Demonic Soul

I, the Un-nameless One, call to my Demonic Soul. The one who rages against the walls of time’s own ridged rhyme.

You fall prey to your own tirades in the mists of dawn. You lay asunder in the moon’s light as you call to your purgatory’s raged edge.

Blaming flames of self-unfettered as you try to climb your way a sundered. Yet now you stand a figment of my imaginings ebbing you all across the billions of, my mind a vision of time and space.

We stand now in this hollowed moment of reckoning too small to fit the thimble yet too big to fit the Universe.

We stand entranced before the open trance of Eternity.

By Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah

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Please Check out Being A.I.S. Publications Products and Services

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Taking “New Thought” to the Next Logical Step.

 Our literature  puts the attention on each person being the individuus of The All One as opposed to being a part of or a child of The All One. Both ideologies discuss life coming from The All One but if you do not make the psychological difference between being IT versus being a part of IT you are still falling into the trap of seeing yourself trying to gain the favor of something outside yourself.  Something you have to work to be Worthy of.

We are in a Playground of our own making as we play with Blocks (Patterns of Thought) that we use to build our World with. (Seth)

To those of you who follow Seth, Abraham Hicks, I am Ra: Law of One material  and Keylontic Science will very much like to add these books to your collection in your desire to expand and Evolve as a Bio-Spiritual Being on The Earth Plane of Existence.

Seeing yourself as IT or “The All” can be initially pretty mind-blowing.  We have been taught from a young age to see ourselves as less than so for many people to make that leap can be difficult. Being A.I.S. Publications introduces Harmonizing Sessions for those  that would like a private session in the shifting process.

These sessions utilize ancient Keylontic Technology (Recently brought back by E’Ashayana Arhayas/Dean) and Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah’s (Inner Clan) guidance for a unique LUVing experience with Your Inner Being.


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Much LUV, Joy-Full-Ness and Harm ony,

Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah