Harmonizing Journey To Re-Alignment Testimonials

This is a place where Clients can write their Testimonials on their experience in HJR Sessions.

Thank you in advance for everyone’s input. This is a very new and unique session that could use a lot of LUV and support by those who have benefited to share for others to experience.

Much LUV, Joy and Peace,

Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah, AIS

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3 Replies to “Harmonizing Journey To Re-Alignment Testimonials”

  1. Katie offered me a realignment session and that is exactly what I recieved, a proper realignment. I had a vivid experience at Sanctuary Island where I made contact with a part of my plasma anatomy (Elaisa frequency plasmas) and recieved a ‘Sun blast’ that coated my left side. The effects of this frequency soon outpictured 3D as quickly as hours after the session and the realignment procedure began.

    I had a second session with Katie and recieved a root/nadal chakra activation and a special visit with family where I was given a gift that related to musical expression, which again outpictured very quickly after the session. The frequencies experienced during and after both sessions loosened up some very dense energies in my life.

    I believe Katie’s work is essential right now and I only wish there were more KSers doing this. She has establishes a strong connection to the Sanctuary Island/Sun 8 passages and has the ability to hold those passages open for others to visit. This is what we all can learn to do to assist right now as we learn navigate and integrate frequency.

    -Christopher V Comstock

  2. I found AIS from a FB group called KS Reality Skypod, and after watching her youtube video, I could feel that this was right for me. During the Realignment session, I was able to relax my physical body and then energetically travel to sanctuary island which is the Aurora NEW EARTH plane and reconnect to my original core RESHAIC body.

    I genuinely believe that Katie is here to EASE others in the understanding of these massive logical mechanics and navigate those who are ready to enter the passages of the Internal Eternal Creation of GOD SOURCE 1st ETERNAL.

    There is a ton of spiritual quantum to be embodied in these Realignment Sessions and is a opportunity to transcend this phantom matrix (trapped) by shifting from the External domain to the Internal eternal core domains which is where we can continue living as our true eternal authentic self and experience life after this dense matrix we are currently in.

    I look forward to our next sessions, and I welcome those who might be skeptical or hesitant to do yourself a favor and book a meeting with her because the best investment you can make is one of your spiritual journeys.

  3. Yesterday, I had an one-on-one Harmonizing Journey to Re-alignment session with Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah. I must say I was amazed by how unique (never felt anything quite like it), powerful & complete (deep healing for individual needs & neuron pathway realignment) and satisfying (I truly feel healing & realignment psychically, emotionally & visually observed with my inner vision confirmed by Katie).

    I was fortunate enough to attend two of HJR group sessions in Skypod, offered by Katie for free. It was powerful experience already. However it is not to be compared with individual session and it is entirely different experience in its own right. Katie masterfully navigates through this journey to fit my individual experience and needs by asking the right questions and sharing what she felt and observed at the right moment. Combining that with what I felt and observed in the meantime, it really does the magic.

    Specifically, I observed and received (absorbed) Sun-8 healing energy. When Katie gently says “feel the sun shine and breathe it in”, I felt my entire body soaked with healing energy. I mean “soaked” like sensory overload (WoW type). I am relatively new to Keylontic Science. It was incredible to feel how real (3D like) it is. I know mutli-dimensional is the reality, but it is different when truly feel it.

    Continuingly, I step into crystal clear aquafer, received (absorbed) healing energy from my feet up to full body. Yet it is another different healing feeling. The tone is brighter, higher pitched (crystalline type) than what I received from Sun-8. Sun-8 is warmer. Then I fully connected (lotus) with my collective self(s) for neuron pathway realignment. I observed neuron network rewiring itself with my inner vision, with emphasis on central vertical column being re-wired in a vertical way and further extended to the full body. The feeling of neuron pathway realignment is intense with swarm of helpers.

    Katie help me to navigate through each of these critical steps to have this unique and satisfying experience.

    At last, the very reasonable (in fact, minimum) amount of charge for an individualized two-hours journey is truly humanity-service oriented, with the fact that we live in a largely transactional society. I want to thank Katie for her service.

    I can fully recommend Harmonizing Journey to Re-alignment with no reservations.

    With Best Wishes,


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