Essence of The Law of One Book

The Essence of The Law of One ideology honors All Life Everywhere taking “New Thought” to the Next Logical Step.  Now Free Shipping and until Feb 1st, 2018 15% Discount – use baisp code at check out.

We have been sifting and sorting through these changing times of contrast that our Bio-Spiritual Vibratory-Oscillation rhythm of living life has brought us to this current Age of Civilization. As we stand firm on the Earth Plane of existence, we review where we have been and look to where we as individuals and as the collective Earth Plane want to go.

This book gives a framework to see the World in a powerfully metaphysical yet down to Earth way that honors all Self-Sovereign Bio-Spiritual God Source 1st Eternal All’ahh Ah-yah’ A’ya (You, Me, We, They, Us, IT) of the Universal Planes of existence.

There is no right or wrong there is only what “Feels Right” to each manifesting Individuus of the One where no one’s “Pie” is taken from so another can succeed. But with that said, we are so powerful that we can create living in bondage if you are not mindful of your thoughts feelings and actions.(This is a 34-page Booklet)

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Here is an excerpt from the book:


The “Law of One” teachings were never intended to be a spiritual religion or how to be a better person or even a “Spiritual Be-ing”.  While these may be benefits of the teachings they are not the basis of the teachings.  The basis of the teachings is no matter how far or how many “Rabbit holes” God Source 1st Eternal (You/Me/We/Us/ IT/All’ahh, Ah-yah’ Aya) goes down that we will always be able to integrate the experiences back into the core of our perpetually renewing Eternal Source Self.  We will always have a way of remembering who we are in case we forget or intentionally create realities where we forget for the experience of IT.

 Many of the Ancient myths carried down through antiquity had coded messages to help us to trigger our cellular memory to re-member.  The Mahabharata text and many creation myths were really of us not of some outside deities having control over us. For that was spliced in later.  But if we read the original ancient texts then we start putting All’ahh the pieces of who we truly are as God Source 1st Eternal back together again.  I say original text because modernized updated versions come from our current finite perspective and not the original ONE/ IT perspective.

God Source 1st Eternal You, Me, We/Us/IT/ All’ahh created an Interdependent Universal Be-inghood of Co-Creative Evolutionary highly advanced (aware) races who inner-stand the interconnections between All Life Everywhere and Reality Systems.  We are these highly awake and aware God Source 1st Eternal Be-ings who predate any “created thing” who had made a commitment to keep the knowledge embodied of 1st Creation.  The “Law of One” teachings originated from The Science of Vibrational Mechanics with Keylontic Science be-ing a branch.  The word is the Law and God: You/Me/WE/Us is the Word. From our collective direction “The Natural Laws” were created hence “The Law of One”.

All the current Law of One teachings have had a turbulent existence throughout the many millennia of be-ing hidden and then altered and then put back together again.  And an even worse problem has occurred in the last few hundred years is the way we speak and see the world is much altered from the original All One Eternal Life expression.  We have taught ourselves to see the World as finite for the experience of it.  We have climbed into a very deep “Rabbit hole” and many of us will fight tooth and nail to stay burrowed in our Finite Rabbit Hole.  Because of the current Planetary Finite Thought Programs that effect Planetary Languages the current “Law of One” doctrines have this finite perspective interlaced through them, which continually perpetuates a World Culture that is dividing instead of uniting all life everywhere. 

For those that have read current “Law of One” doctrines and to those that will read these doctrines, all I ask is when you do read them, keep in mind the updated perspectives identified throughout this doctrine.  Our hope is to enrich our experience as the ONE or IT and actually break the Finite Dead Light Cycle we all have been living for a very, very long time and embrace the expansion we have evolved into.

It is time to Re-member our way out of the Rabbit hole, as each Self Sovereign who joy fully feel our own way to Clarity in each Now Moment. Deliberately creating our own awake and aware inspired World.

Alignment In Spirit Inc.™  work is focused on Re-membering Who We Are as the God Source 1st Eternal/ Ah-yah’ Aya All’ahh.

There are questions to ponder with one’s Self on each topic of discussion in defining various aspects of the essence of the Law of One.  As we each think and meditate on who we really are and not what we have been told we are.  We will soon re-member how to Live Huge Now. 

In-sights and questions are always welcome as we all evolve and expand as the God Source 1st Eternal/ All’ahh Ah-yah’ Aya Be-ings We BE.

Self-Identity vs Universal Conscious-ness?

As I explore the universe, I do not need to leave my body, for everywhere I go; there I AM in the Infinite Fields of the Eternal Mind.  No place may I travel were I AM not.  There is nothing we are not allowed to experience, be, do and say.  There is no judgment but the judging we choose to do for the experience of doing it.  I selfishly live for the joy of IT.  I am selfish enough to pay attention to the vibration of how I feel because how I feel tells me when I am in alignment with who I AM and when I am not (Abraham-Hicks).  Be-ing the Universal Conscious-ness I AM, I live a vibrational Life.

The concept of separate Self vs Universal Conscious-ness is a misnomer.  The two are not divided but Fore-ever intricately linked one enhancing the other making each fuller and more complete.  The reason for the suffering on this planet is the creation of the duality of the two perspectives. In that division, we have created Light and Dark, Good and Evil and Right and Wrong and so forth of divisions.   The EGO has been made out to be “enemy number one” –“kill the Ego” and you find At-One-Ment.  Why do we have an EGO just to turn around and kill it to become something that we already are just by virtue of be-ing?

To really answer this question we need to delve deeper into the mechanics of who we are.  The primary premise that we all can agree on:

“The Universal Laws or “Natural” Laws of the universe states that everything is made of energy. These laws apply to every be-ing and thing, in every walk of life at every given moment in time.” (Wikipedia)

Unified Field Theory has further defined this law.  We all know we are made up of energy E=MC² that is consciously aware of self and all life around it anywhere in the “Universe”.    The next question: In this Maya soup of energy is there a Conscious Intelligence at work? Or is it all random chaos. 

We know there is Chaos theory out there but even within the chaos there is a seeming order (Rumi).

So could there really be a Conscious intelligence out there like One God Theory?  There does appear to be laws that govern the World we live in that does give us a pretty good indication that there is a Conscious Intelligence at work and we know that this energy even in its smallest form we see that it is aware of itself and what is going on around it and aware of what is going on with all other particles in the Universe.

Are we looking at a personalized identity say with a beard in the celestial Heavens? Or instead of be-ing a personalized be-ing it is just plainly the Unified Field or The Matrix where an individual EGO identity does not seem to fit or does it?  To answer these questions we need to delve deeper into what is the Nature of Conscious-ness?


Questions to Ponder with Self:

  1. Why do we have an EGO?
  2.   In this Maya soup of energy is there a Conscious Intelligence at work that has a personalized male identity say with a beard in the celestial Heavens?