Creation within the Meeting point of the Dream State

We are the authentic embodiment of the Natural organic Wellbeing of life, as the All That Is God Source 1st Eternal Ah-yah A’ya.  We create our own Light Body manifest reality meaning everything is a contrived story that we are continually dreaming Now, Now, Now into “Reality”.

The Dream State is a place that brings together the non-physical God Source 1st Eternal Ah-yah A’ya with the corporeal light body structure to process, integrate, expand and grow to evolve together as we Dream our manifest life stories into being. The  In breath Eira and  ManU:  (Hold 0 Point) generate thought intention building charge then release Exhale ManA breath to flesh out expand into the manifest corporeal outer expression within the Eternal Now Moment.

This birthing process can be an aggressive thrust of expression.  There is an emotional chemical manifestation where nonphysical Spirit Awareness meets the thought, light body creation that is first expressed as an emotional chemical feel reaction that directs and continually creates our Corporeal reality.  If it’s not done in a harmonious rhythmic breathing way, the birthing process can result in disharmonic shut down blocked chaotic creations. 

We have come then to fear our own natural aggressive thrust of expression or “Natural Aggression” which simply means the power to act. Through this meeting point in the dream state, we develop properties of manifest consciousness that can express aggressively when the quantum thrust is heightened.  The ability to manage natural aggression artfully is called Emotional Intelligence.

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to take full responsibility in directing our emotional energy in interacting and expressing with others in creating our reality. But most times we tend to abdicate our power to others because of our fear of expressing natural aggression or following our impulses.

Who or what are we delegating our power to?

How are we utilizing our emotional energy / natural Aggression/impulses to act to direct our life stories?

 These stories (Reality Thought Bubbles-RTB) about “Life” that we empower with our belief that they are “truth”.  For what we mind matters is so very true. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to manage in a positive way how we as the All That Is creates in this time-space reality. We learn to stop telling the unwanted stories that keep us creating chaotic realities.

We, in turn, make new choices of where we put our thought intention or what “Matters” by creating new stories in a World that is not thankfully “Rock Bottom Solid”. 

Just because we turned down a dark alley does not mean we are trapped forever. We can choose again. The Self-Empowerment Principles of Awareness by Alignment In Spirit Inc gives us guideposts to follow in developing our Emotional Intelligence.

Many of these TRB/Stories stand outside of time as showcase models to be used within the dream state in creating reality. These stories echo with slightly different themes throughout “Time”. The Christ story is one such example of the manifestation of the light body   “Book of the Dead” which has been retold throughout “Time”. They are frameworks upon which similar vibrational TRBs can connect in creating very huge Programming grids called for example “civilizations”.

An example of connecting similar vibrational RTB stories together to create a major event is the current investigation sitcoms where they put together all the witnesses’ cell phone footage in a computer program to re-create an event.

These stories are recorded in records kept in “libraries” (Organic holographic mainframes). The Akashic records would be an example of one such Library. Every probable action is held in these libraries and acted out in other probable realities that intertwine with our own probability timeline. These recordings can get tweaked and altered depending on which library we read from.

Our Reishaic record is our authentic 1st Cause Light Core encryption (Energy Signature) story of our heroic out-picturing which cannot be altered but the farther along the dimensional plains we go into this light body domain the easier it is to alter our organic story. These alterations have taken us down many rabbit holes of experience so much so we have forgotten who our organic heroic self truly is.

We have ended a very long cycle of replaying many old finite RTB stories of lack, fear, being less than… Now we are just at the very beginning of connecting back into the authentic Reishaic Encryption of our heroic probability. This new era of enlightenment is where we can live Aurora New Ascension Earth Now.

The Harmonizing Journey to Re-Alignment Session is a unique way we can utilize our own Spirit body mechanics of our Internal Eternal structure to re-connect the Neural Network pathways to our core Reishaic encryption. Once the connection is made with our authentic Clan Higher Self the organic Reishaic Encryption stories can be retold again in this time-space reality.

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