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The HJR Navigator helping others to connect with their God Source 1st Eternal Self to re-member who they are as powerful multidimensional Beings

The Harmonizing Journey to Re-Alignment Seminar: Re-Embody The Essence starting September 2020

Alignment In Spirit Inc. which soon will change to HJR Seminars LLC is ever-evolving and growing as Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah expands in her awakening as the God Source 1st Eternal that she Be. The evolution of Humanity’s Soul that we each are an intricate part of is not a degree that you receive or something you attain. The Evolution of the soul is an ever-evolving expanding process as we all are as strong as our weakest link.

Meaning as we focus on our personal growth and empowerment we are not just affecting our-self we are affecting the World we holographically manifest around us. Each member or aspect of self is reflected back to us we either strengthen or weaken as we create the mass reality around our individual reality. With each thought-feeling intention, we are giving the I Am of the Universal Mind of Creation meaning. This is what “The Law of One” truly means.

New Earth or Aurora Ascension Median Earth is a term thrown around a lot these last few years because of the depth and power of this new consciousness field being created. Many also refer to the “Event” as well.

This Aurora DhA-Ya-TEi Planes field has been piece by piece developed by the Guardian Alliance through the Time-Space reality of E’Ashayana Arhayas and all of us Indigos connected with her as one very large Azurite Indigo Shield. As we are here we are also in the higher realms as The Guardians. In other words, it is not them and us it is I Am.

The mechanics behind this Aurora Ascension Median Earth is Keylontic Science.  It is the true science behind how “You Create Your Own Reality” and how we do that living by “The Law of One”.

Keylontic Science is the foundation of Being in Alignment In Spirit to which the “Essence of the Law of One” material evolved and then had further evolved into The Self-Empowerment Principles of Awareness to Live Huge Now material.  Seth by Jane Roberts, Abraham-Hicks, and Science of Mind (New Thought) are all intertwined in a unique way throughout the work.

The Harmonizing Journey To Re-Alignment session has been a labor of love. It first started out as working with the AL-Hum-Bhra during the tribulation of the 2012 split in the Azurite Indigo Shield. As we all faced aspects of self we were not ready to deal with.

Katie was just barely acquainted with her O’She Wha’ Nitah self and it looked like she may never be. But through the Love Katie and The AL-Hum-Bhra developed through that time brought Katie and O’She Wha’ Nitah together utilizing the connection with Sanctuary Island which to this day links us from our Net Earth position to Arhayas Island which in turn connects us to the “Intrical Bridge or Krystal Bridge Way of the 7 Bridges flows. This Bridge is part of the Aurora continuum which is a bypass system linking us directly into the Internal Eternal Core of Creation of the DhA-Ya-TEi Planes of our Spirit Body and further into Effiah consciousness field of creation.

The HJR sessions utilize the sliders, The E’Liasian and current KDDL material by Arhayas Productions in Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah’s own unique way and is in no way affiliated at all with Arhayas Productions. But we do highly recommend checking them out and including their teachings with ours.

Whether you just want to do a session or a Seminar or just buy the book, The Harmonizing Journey to Re-Alignment Seminars & Sessions can be a benefit in your personal growth to live Aurora Ascension New Earth Now. Better said is to live an Authentic Life within your own skin and through that connection Mindfully Manifesting Your World.

Whether you are new or old to Keylontic science, follow the law of one, enjoy Abraham-Hicks and Seth by Jane Roberts and are ready to invest in in taking action in being your Authentic Multidimensional Self Now then this program may be just what you were looking for.

We are proud to present our second 6-month seminar The Harmonizing Journey to Re-Alignment Seminar: Re-Embody The Essence of The Law of One beginning September 5th through February 2021. A small intimate group of 10 to 12 voyagers we will be meeting bi-weekly in our My Pod Spaces via Sanctuary Island that will connect us into ARhayas Island and the Intricual Bridge DhA-Ya-TEi planes working with the Self-Empowerment Principles of Awareness to develop your relationship with your Authentic Clan Self family living Aurora Earth Now. Not 900 years from now but now in this current time-space reality.