Where are we with New Earth Now? In Living in Integrity an AIS Reality Check

What does living in integrity really mean? Most religious dogma would have you think it means being obligated to live a Moral life by living narrow rules of conduct a list of do’s and don’ts.  These Morals can give us guideposts of the right manners of behavior towards or in the presence of others. This would include methods, ways, appearances, and bearing. The root PIE is man hand which would be the conduct that guides man’s hand.

Now I would not say to trash those rules but to take them with a “grain of salt”. These rules give us a framework or guidepost to communicate with our fellow Man and build our character to withstand the stresses and pitfalls of day to day life.

 Yet, if we all connected with our Internal Eternal Core Template of Being would we still need all these Guide Post rules of conduct?

 When we connect with our Inner being we are connecting all these All That Is God Source 1st Eternal Ah-yah A’ya the power that creates all aspects of our outer 3D World and beyond. There is a deeper level of awareness of the individual within the wholeness of their unified Tribe.

As we come to inner stand what being in Integrity truly means than we can re-evolve into a higher state of consciousness.  We understand for example the concept of “this wall’s integrity will not crumble under the pressure of the ceiling or whatever. The same goes for our life. Are we living in a way that when the “shit hits the fan” we can sustain and maintain? Are we acting in ways with our self and others that by living and the right each other?

 For remember we create every facet of the World around and within us. Every individual of The All One makes up the fullness of our World both the good and the bad of our “Base Vibrational Tonal Signature” in every now, now, now.

Integrity is how we each live a sustainable, balanced, and strong life for our own unique Templates. It is not about trying to live up to anyone else’s Morality System as much as learning how to navigate our way through themaze of the 3D carnal taste it touch it reality.

Now, these ancient wise ones had pretty good information that has stood the test of time to make it down through the ages to our doorstep so to speak. These wise ones knew the “Take What Works for You and Place the Rest in “File 13” ideology. But through the ages, those who were not intuned with their own unique Template took these wise ways making them rigged dogma to follow for societal control.

We now can let go of those old rigid vows and contracts such as Chastity, Poverty, Suffering, Obedience, Sacrifice, and Silence.  Life is about being an Eternal Being who is living joyfully for the expansion on the leading edge of creation.

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