The Power of Positioning: Taking New Thought to The Next Logical Step

We learn in yoga how each posture brings about healing and enlightenment. The reason for this is each position holds our attention directing the life force energy to manifest through the body in a particular way.  The tilt of the head, the lifting of the arm, the angle of the back and the stance of the legs all guide one’s at-tent-ion.

This is also true as we live our daily life in how are we positioning our head which helps to guide our eyes. Is our back straight and feet grounded into the Earth? So that our Central Vertical current is running the Kundalini and higher currents through the whole body system for healing, rejuvenation, and creativity of thought. The Brain is more than just in our heads. The Brain is a system of neural network pathways that run throughout our spines and connects our arms and legs and organs of the body.

Are our arms crossed tight in front of us and the shoulders slumped where circulation is shut down? Or are they free to move freely allowing the creative life force energy to flow easily?

Each posture is guided by a particular persona or energy signature of expression that either supports the flow of “Life Force Energy” or inhibits it. This life force flow has gone by many names such as God, Source, The All That Is, and Infinite Intelligence and of course my favorites God Source 1st Eternal All’ah Ah-yah A’ya (You, Me, We, Us, They IT). This force is what continues to create with every breath we take the World around us connecting us through the energetic pulsating neural network pathways of Mind Body Spirit. We all have that power at our command. The question is then are we mindfully allowing that presence into our daily life or not?

Are we taking on the persona of blame, shame, fear, anger, and resentment? Are the eyes focused downward, the shoulders slumped and the arms crossed in front of us with tight fists, and with the breath short and shallow as we shut the light away from us?

We can become more aware of what we are creating in our lives just by being aware of the positioning we take on different issues in our life. Examples are as simple as how we react and respond to family, friends, work, singing, laughing, cleaning the house, driving the car and the list could go on and on of how we each position our self in dealing with everyday life.

Journaling and meditation can be helpful tools as we become more mindful of what we are creating with our positioning and then trying out new positions to see how we feel and what we then create. For we are the Creators of Our Reality so the question is always then are we creating mindfully our by Default (Abraham-Hicks)?

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Here is the link to this weeks class where Positioning is discussed in relation to Keylontic Science, the science of Creation.

Much LUV and Peace,

Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah, AIS

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