SEPA Facebook Live Class to Re-Embody The Essence of The Law of One

This is a Weekly Facebook Live class starting Oct 3rd, 2018 to discuss The Self-Empowerment Principles of Awareness (SEPAs) to Re-Embody what the Essence of The Law of One really means for each Individuus of The One – (You, Me, We, Us, They, IT).

“The Self-Empowerment Principles of Awareness Handbook Re-Embody The Essence of The Law of One”:

The SEPAs are designed to move and flow with our own individuated Self Expression, which in turn strengthens our own innate sense of Self-identity of Being IT or “I AM”. Once this awakened awareness occurs than the virtues and “The Right Way of Living” can be of true benefit. In other words, we will be able to take what we like and leave what does not feel right for each of us.

For we have been sifting and sorting through these changing times of contrast that our Bio-Spiritual Vibratory-Oscillation rhythm of living life has brought us to this current Age of Civilization. As we stand firm on the Earth Plane of existence, we review where we have been and look to where we as individuals and as the collective Earth Plane want to go.

This book gives a framework to see the World in a powerfully metaphysical yet down to Earth way that honors all Self-Sovereign Bio-Spiritual God Source 1st Eternal All’ahh Ah-yah’ A’ya (You, Me, We, They, Us, IT) of the Universal Planes of existence.

There is no right or wrong there is only what “Feels Right” to each manifesting Individuus of the One where no one’s “Pie” is taken from so another can succeed. But with that said, we are so powerful that we can create living in bondage if you are not mindful of your thoughts feelings and actions.

First Review:
“The Self-Empowerment Principles of Awareness Handbook contains timely spiritual guidelines that resonates well and touches upon so many important points. I was especially grateful for the more comprehensive explanations of KS topics which reinforced what I had already studied but needed that extra “inner-standing”. 👍 I still need to do additional homework with regards to “Feeling vs. Emoting,” a very relevant and powerful chapter. Thank you, Katie!”
Al Medina

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Look forward to seeing you all. Much LUV and Peace,

Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah