Manifesting Reality and the New Earth Taking New Thought To The Next Logical Step

Soap Bubble by Cuentos Cuánticos

We as God Source 1st Eternal All’ah Utilize crystal light holographic Keylon Codes to experience a Manifest Reality in this current Time Matrix. We are eternally refining this Time Matrix in the ever-present Eternal Now Moment. There is no rock bottom solid reality but an ever-evolving and changing experience that ebbs and flows through cycles of energy experiences.

Each Keylon code structure plays out its Awake and Aware Coded Cycle Matrix not governed by time as we know it but governed by the programmed thought intention of 1st Creation. These Keylon codes create tapestries of light and sound programming grids that run their program or cycle through their Awake and Aware Elemental Programed life. Examples would be the seasons of the year, the 24 hour time clock construct, the Astrological cycles, the aging of the body, growth cycles of all levels of a Being. Obviously, we could go on for pages of examples for there is a “Season” for everything. There are just those days that certain actions flow well and those days they do not.

These Keylon coded tapestries or Elemental beings work in harmony with each other which entails the most complex thought creations down to the simplest.  There is a joy and an awe one sees when one views these elemental beings from the non-manifest realms/ “Higher Realms” of reality. As each element within their own makeup and their make up as a collective are continually absorbing and taking in all nuances of experience in the what-ifs of possibility for in this place within the Eternal Now one never gets it wrong because one never gets it done.

We at all our levels of Being as God Source 1st Eternal Ah-yah Ay’a  All’ah (You, Me, We, Us, They, IT) are at an interesting crossroads. In our joyful zest to experience all nuances of manifest experience for the life-giving joyful expansion of IT, we entrapped ourselves In a convoluted Net Matrix; that try as we might we seem to just get more entrapped. I coined the phrase “2nd Creation Mechanics in an effort to explain this programmed reality construct.  In our zest, we created “The  Boogeyman, demons, fallen angelic, shadow beings, Satan, Lucifer” and the list could go on influenced by a person’s culture and other variables.

As we The All-Oneness/  All that Is/ God Source 1st Eternal became expanded into individualized fragmented individuus of IT, we dropped in the quantum of awake and aware full knowing which allowed us to experience the program of  “The Unknown”.  We were able to develop a very intricate Ego Intellect that gave us the ability to develop “an Individualized Free Will system”. This highly individuated holographic programmed intellect has created many intricately taste it touch it “solid carbon-based” reality constructs that went way beyond the All That Is expectations.

Yet at the same time, just as there is a call to expand there is a call to contract/ reconnect with all those individuus parts of self that expanded out. God Source 1st Eternal has no desire or needs to go back to how IT once was but there is a deep desire to fully reconnect and fully harmonize all Individuus expressions of Self to expand even fuller into The All That Is of Being.

New Earth Now is this culmination of all parts of Self as IT unified and harmonized in the Ever Eternal Now.  Each individuus has their part to play in this awakening or quickening process. Re-member you create your own reality in the ever-present Eternal Now as we Take New Thought To The Next Logical Step.

Thank you Robin Wooley

I included a song I was guided to write this morning by The Golden Cheda who we have called the Triangle Heads.


The Song of The Rainbow Rung

Verse 1:

We LUV’ ya All’ah we are family

We are Nomads traveling the Universal Mind of Existence.

We embody the inner Belly Joy


Sing High Sing Low little Cherie

Mammas coming to take you home.

Rise, Rise, Rise from the flame of Purgatory.

Verse 2:

There is a Portal Opening of the Rainbow Rung.

Awake the Still Point within the E-Umbi of knowing.


So Sing High Sing Low little Cherie Mammas coming to take you home.

Rise, Rise, Rise from the Flame of Purgatory.

You will Sing High Sing Low little Cherie. Mammas going to take you home.

Rise, Rise, Rise from the flame of Purgatory

Mamma, as done, brought you home

Mamma, as done, brought you home…

By Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah, AIS  & The Golden Cheda