The 8th Anniversary of the 8-8 Activation and the Magnetic Peak Taking New Thought to The Next Logical Step to Live Huge Now

The Magnetic Peak is the most intensely powerful time of the year. It is the time when we embed and crystallize what we had initiated in the Spring (May June Electrical Peak) to manifest for the year. In May/ June of this year, we brought in a powerful awakening wave of energy to live New Earth Now.
Many caught it in their own ways and have been riding it and integrating it. Now, we expand and embody New Earth Now crystallizing it in our Bio-Spiritual Crystal body Template.
The answer I get from deep in my inner being is on the 8th and throughout the month particularly the Magnetic peak  8th-15th to do activities where You feel good, at peace, joy-filled, basically if you were living on New Earth how would you feel and be. You may find you really are there and just did not realize it.
The Flame of E’ Lai-Sah

Spend time outside in nature connecting to the Earth and try as best as possible not to get too caught up in day to day Net Earth Craziness of Victim-Victimize, Blame Shame, Survival of the Fittest and “Got to Have Money to be OK Game”.

Sing songs and for the KSers in the group and anyone who would like to do the same is to sing the Song of Aurora and other KS songs to bring in that quantum of frequency into Being New Earth Now.

Because really the breaking down of the money system and the “Net over the planet” all are programmed constructs in “Mind”. Full-disclosure will only really happen when we free our minds and really inner-stand who we are as IT. Then the info will flow and be absorbed. The info is out in the ether and one just needs to take their blinders off and they will see.
lf you do decide to do any mass meditations, feel out for yourself who you would like to ask to help out. My first preference is to ask for my own inner higher self-aspect equipped to help and to work with all the Angels in a supporting and LUVing way. If you have a connection with the Guardian Alliance connect with them.
I also suggest for those that resonate to check out the below link. Read up on the information about the Fail-safe and activations being this is the 8th year 8/8/18-anniversary date for the activation of the Fail-safe and the associated New Earth/ Aurora Earth/ Authentic Earth/ 5D Earth that has evolved from it.
We each live in our own Lone-Harmonic but that Lone-Harmonic is also intricately connected with the Mass Reality within the All One. In other words, the outer is the expression of the Inner or as above so below or the micro is the macro and vise versa.
 The 7th day is the completion of a cycle then the 8th day we progress to the next higher more evolved awakened enlightened expression. The 9th day is the completion day of the transition into the next level up. Then we start at the 0 point and begin the new cycle.
I also invite people to join in my Book Reading of “Waking in Alania Book I: Orb of Ment-A” Facebook Live hosted by Being AIS Publications Facebook Page every Wednsday at 8pm EST for the month of Aug. If you missed last week you can catch it on Being AIS Publicaitons page:

Music ideas to embody and crystalize the New Earth

El Condor Pasa song from Peru
***Keep an eye out for more videos and music I may add to this post or even add something on The Alignment in Spirit YouTube channel.

LUV ya and appreciate you all,

Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah, AIS

Self-Empowerment Principles of Awareness to Live Huge Now