Being Your Authentic Self Sometimes Means Drawing Outside The Lines: A Tribute to Anthony Bourdain

To be honest, I had never really heard of the guy before his reported death. Did not think much of him when I heard accept there was a lot of media coverage meaning there was something about this person that mattered to a lot of people. I am not much on mainstream media as a whole but do catch the news in my Yahoo feed as well as what people in the Facebook groups I follow report.

A recent post had brought my attention to Alex Jones take on Anthony’s passing which then had lead to one of Anthony’s last interviews. I probably never would have ever heard anything about this man now if he had not passed on.

His interview had been very insightful for anyone becoming aware of who they are as IT God Source 1st Eternal All’ah (You, Me, We, Us, They) to embody fully their Creature Hood as Seth would say. This means living fully by your own Internal/ Eternal guidance system and not doing what you think is right or normal or even “Healthy” by other people’s standards. You believe and trust and LUV that Infinite Soul Creator Being you Be.

That was how Anthony had lived his life and he went out with a big bang for many to share in his Spirit of Being. I do not believe he had committed Suicide like the media is saying. I will say Alex Jones was correct in that he was assassinated but then I will take it to the next level that we totally and completely create every facet of our reality which includes when we die.

There are no victims and victimizers in this World accept the roles or personas we take on for the experience of IT. He had been one who did not draw inside the lines. He had lived outside the boxes. His inner Being New The Next Logical Step in New Thought was to have his life taken to shine a spotlight on who he was. I do give much heartfelt LUV and peace to his family and hope this article will give them joy, not sorrow.

For he had abhorred a well written organized work and always had strived to stand out and be different. So his Inner-Being had chosen an end, that would make all his followers and even people like me who had never heard of him take notice and really look at who and what he had been about because that alone is of more value than any perfect story he could have uncovered for “His Life Is The Story”. 

Please Share this post wherever you can to share his message which quite nicely fits Alignment In Spirit (Being A.I.S. Publications) message too. I know my articles go over people’s heads at times and I am cool with that for the information is out there for people to digest in their own time and space.

I really LUV what I do and while many say to do a good business you do……  I, in turn, listen to what they say and then follow my own drum beat. Ah-yah A’ya.

ISLAM Ashalum De Echasha Dur,

Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah, A.I.S.