KRYS-THL’-A: The 12 Oral Legions Taking New Thought To The Next Logical Step Series

“The Ashalum Ship” By E’ashayana Deane

The KRYS-THL’-A represents the Seven Sacred First Audible Core-Creation Sound Tones of this 15 Dimensional Time Matrix of Ka-Ra-Ya-Sa-Ta-Ha-La-ah. The term was used in reference to the collective body of the 12 CDT-plates oral Legions that were recently brought back by E’ashayana Dean (Arhayas Productions) as Keylonta or Keylontic Science.

These oral Legions embodied the science of ascension through our 15 Dimensional Time Matrix.

Each CDT-Plate was connected to an Angelic Maji Grail Human Tribe who were souls seeded from the Sphere of Amenti which were  souls that came from our Cataclysmic Earth’s Harmonic Universe 2: Tara/ Alcyone (many times referred to as “Heaven” or the” Plane of Soul”) about 25,000, 000 to 5, 500, 000 years ago.  Each Angelic Human tribe was connected to the assimilation and healing of a DNA strand and its corresponding Dimension/Stargate/Chakra/Signet/ Axe-tonal line of this 15 Dimensional Time Matrix due to damage that had occurred a very long time ago to our Time Matrix.

These Tribes were collectively known as the 12 Legions of the KRYS-THL’-A. Each Tribe was responsible for the CDT-plate connected to their particular evolutionary development. These Cloister Dora Tora Plates are digitally coded spherical metallic discs of Keylonta Coded information of the history and Templar Mechanics of Creation of our current 15 Dimensional Time Matrix.

A rudimentary way of explaining it is the process is similar to downloading someone’s memory into a computer and then burning it on a disc. This disc can then be reloaded via Keylonta technology back into specialized cellular Human Coded Brains.

These specialized Humans are called “Speakers,” who were and are Indigos that, at certain times, came in threes from the Rishi collective of the Elohi-Elohim/ Melchezedik Cloister Emerald Order Holy Order of The Yunasi Sacred House of One of our Primal Light and Sound fields of Dimensions 13-15 and also referred to by Seth (Roberts) as the Spirit Family of the Sumari.

These particular Speakers had birthed in simultaneous time vectors first starting with CDT-Plate 1 that corresponded to Tribe 1 when the particular Tribe had evolved enough to down-step the Keylonta coded information into the Earth grids, during certain types of Planetary cycles that connected to all other simultaneous Time vectors, creating easier access to the full Planetary Templar.

Keep in mind time is an outer domain construct to give the “Universal Mind of the Infinite Creator” the perceived illusion of action, movement of events happening, “the feeling of moving through time”. This creates the experience of “Manifest solid carbon-based reality” of Density 1 all the way up to the cloud vaper/ Silica-Gas of the Rishi of Density 5 of the outer domains within the Unified Internal/Eternal domains of Source One Spirit of the KRYS-THL-A/ Melchizedek/Ra of our 15 dimensional Time Matrix. Past, present, and future are all happening within the Spacious Eternal Now.

Also, keep in mind there are many billions upon billions of realms of reality other than our 15-dimensional matrix. Yet within our Internal/Eternal Matrix construct they all follow the same “basic Keylonta mechanics” within the “Stairway to Heaven” construct.

Ahrayas Productions “Ka-Tha-Ra grid”

The process of down-stepping is very much like an electrical relay system where the 13th dimensional Rishi Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order Guardians insert the disc into the mental Brain construct relayed through the multidimensional Kathara grid structure into the Speaker who is taking the full load of the information into their coded cellular density 1 structure. For if the full brunt of the coded information was directly run into the Planetary grids the grids would shut down naturally to keep from overloading and blowing up.

By first loading into a specialized Indigo Human that can hold the frequency charge of the information then through certain types of rituals including dancing and singing of certain sound tones, the whole tribe would break the coded information into bite-size pieces for the grids to absorb.

The first three Tribes are responsible for DNA strands 1-3 which make up Harmonic Universe 1 Earth plane and its corresponding Stargates/Chakras/signets and Axe-tonal lines. These three Tribes or family of Nations are located Surprise of Surprises in the Americas and surrounding areas.

According to Voyagers II: The Secrets of Amenti by Ashayana Dean page 531 that:

Tribe 1 = Original blue and green-eyed Australian Aborigine; often red-haired who were connected to the Antarctica region.
Tribe 2 = Florida Seminole Native Americans Sarasota Florida, and Brenoua dark complected and brown skinned Haitian-Bimini Island races who also happened to be of Mu’A of Lemuria (Hawaii), Easter Island and Southwestern Native American descendant tribes. Also known as the original Hebrew (Hibiru Cloister and Melchizedek Cloister hybrid) races of Jerusalem and Jordan. This would correlate with who we know as the Moabite/ Mu’ur/Moor.
Tribe 3 = Nohassa Atlantis Bermuda Islands, Johannesburg South Africa dark complected, brown and (pale skinned Druedeks of Nohassa Atlantis).

Thanks to these powerfully strong root races the rest of the 12 Tribes could be seeded within their particular time vector into the Earth grids and their corresponding CDT-plate codes for all of Humanity to evolve back to our full potential within this 15-dimensional time matrix.

In every three Dimensional Harmonic Universe/Density plane, the number 2 dimension /Stargate /Tribe is the controller for that system. So in our current Earth Density One Harmonic Universe Tribe 2, the Breaneau Dark-skinned and brown/copper skinned Haitian-Bimini Island of the Mu’A of Lemuria peoples of the Americas who later became  Moabites /MU’URs/Moors or the Moorish Empire are key controllers of the Planetary Templar of Earth.

Tribes 1 and 3 probably interbred with Tribe 2  to strengthen the Earth Templar. In turn, there was interbreeding by these first three tribes that later evolved the other 9 tribes as the Earth grids built up quantum to handle the higher DNA stranded tribes who were grounded by the first three root races.

These root races had and have to continue to be heavily melinated to down step and ground higher frequencies into the Earth Plane Templar. This is why they have been known as the “Chosen Ones”. This is also why we are finding signs of their “Moorish Culture” all around the World.

Why There Have Been Attempts at Erasing The Moorish/MU’UR Ancient Cultures.
Sadly this is not the end of the story as we all know because we are not running around or should I say flying around as fully functioning 12 stranded Avatars. One of the many reasons is the Anu-Elohim of the Anu-Melchizedek/Maur had engineered the Annunaki (Avengers of the Anu) race in retaliation for an ancient old grudge. Our beloved Anu-Elohim or Gods of old had much to be angry and resentful for from ancient old pre-Earth days. 

These Anu-Elohim, who are directly related to the Elohi-Elohim of the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order (Angelic Human lineage), realized the error of their ways and wanted to heal the distortions to their race template (DNA codes) for the choices they made over many millennia.

This great love for the “Illuminated Ones” by the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order through Genetic engineering had created the Human Hybrid groups via The Treaty of The El-Annu to become the Annu-Melchezedik who are also known as the Yaqub/ Jacob biblical story of the “12 Lost Tribes of Israel fame” not to be confussed with the actual 12 Legions/ Maji Grail lines.

There still is to this day pure Annu-Melchezedik lineages scattered throughout the World. Many of them indigenous to the Americas. They tend to be lighter skinned than the original Angelic Human Tribes but none the less they hold in their genetic code the full 12 strand DNA. They are part of the evolution of the 5th Root-race.

Many of these Hybrid Tribes were the ones infiltrated by the Avenging Anu/ Anunnaki who were jealous of what was being done for their Anu family and had long ago had their genetics altered disconnecting them from their own Eternal Being.

This particular faction later became known as the Templar Melchizedek race who interbred with other Alien races such as Zetas and Draconian and certain Human Maji-Hybrid groups to create the Draco and that we refer to as the current Raider/Illuminati/Cabal Legion Controller Blood-Line Race. Because they infiltrated the Annu-Melchizedek Hybrid races and the Maji Grail lines (MU’UR) who have full 12 strand ascension capability and root race ties allowed them to have certain control over Earth’s Templar.

Under the Treaty of The El-Annu Lawshad been set up for these Hybrids to live by until they matured enough to be a law unto themselves. These Templars eventually took over the enforcement of the treaty as they took more responibility and frankly control over Earths Templar.

  Examples of The El-Annu Treaty could beThe Treaty of Peace and Friendship and The 10 Commandments and The Cirlce 7 Koran and many ancient texts on the fall of man becoming whole again. Basically how we all can play nicely together as mature responsible Beings.

Unfortuniately do to the renigade bloodline running through these Templars they could not work through their Patriarchal Elitist subjugation of anyone and anything they see as beneath them. In other words really huge self-Important EGO.  They are the Ones that coined the phrase “Chosen Ones” and have been manipulating who breeds with who for a very long time.

This is really why there is such a focus on separating the Nations or “Races Mind Set”.  For really the goal of the 12 Legions/ Tribes was to heal the 12 Strand DNA Matrix meaning becoming one nation who can take their place in the Galactic arena. Not to say there will not be different tribes/ communities for variety is the name of the game but  all still following basic values. These Templar Hybrids are part of the family. They are part of Earths Purpose in being a Healing System.  They hold many keys to all our own evolutions.

These Controlling Templars influence was so great they established what we now know as our current Western Feudal Magna Charta/European/ “White” Supremacy Civilization.

The Term Moor actually relates more to the “Annu-Melchizedek” and the “MU’UR” relates to the Lemuria and Atlantis Angelic Humans/ Maji Grail lineage. The Moabite lineage real incorporates the Lemurians and the Atlantians who actually includes theAnnu-Melchizedeks which is why Moor and MU’UR are interchangable terms. All are Melchizedek/ Ra/12 stranded capable”. But at this point they both are still under the current Templar Roman Rulership as opposed to the straight Moorish rulership. Both The Moors and the Romans are supposed to be responsible for protecting the original MU’UR of the Earth Plane.

Yet, the True Advanced Civilizations of the Angelic KRYSTHL-A Human/ MU’UR/ Maji Grail lines through forced breeding and mass genocide became lost along with much of their cellular memory of who they are. Today most of them are known in America as Blacks, Negros, Hispanics..

How The KRYSTHL-A Became The Polarized Christ and Allah or Crescent and The Cross:

The CDT-plates were then hidden in various places to keep the knowledge away from the Templars who now had the codes but had not awakened enough to use them properly. As these raiders had manipulated the Planetary Templar, the word Krysthl-a in later historical mis-translations of the 12 oral CDT-plates fragmented and polarized into Kryst which later became the dogmatized Christ and the HL-A later became Allah.

During different time periods after the inception of the 12 oral CDT-plates on Earth portions of the 12 plates information was reorganized and reconstructed or re-legion-ed into the Maharata text of what became the original Angelic Human Earth Re-Legions. Eventually, the word became Religion as it pertained to different dialects throughout the Earth Plane. These 12 Angelic Human religions were unique within themselves yet all were complementary because they still retained the same Keylonta root knowledge.

Sadly as these Templar Illuminati Raider Hybrid Races became established they further degenerated the doctrines to become the current male God control dogma further polarizing the division of Krist/Christ and HL-A/Allah.

In C.M. Bey’s book “Clock of Destiny I”, Pages 12-13 where he referred to the two World Empires of the past 1367 years as of 1947: The Moorish Empire of the order of Islam (Allah) and The Roman Empire of the order of the “Christ and Mary”. The “Christ and Mary” only been since 1774 for 173 years.

I would add there is a good chance that according to the Freedom Teachings(Current CDT-plate translations) information that before 1774 this Roman Empire was the “Michael and Mary” order of the “Spear of Destiny” or really always was. Mary is a representation of the Leviathan Nephilim Hybrid pale skinned race. Archangel Michael represents the Nephilim Nephite collective hybrid renegade race.

The leviathan Hybrid Mary could very well correlate with C.M. Beys Patagonian Blonds of South America within the great Moorish Empire who established the Society of the Cross which was, according to C.M. Bey, fraught with mystery and emotional false doctrines in an attempt to liberate them from the Amalgamated (pale skinned hybrid) Moors (Templar) who ruled with a firm hand in an attempt to protect the sacred teachings of the nature of the 12 signs of the Zodiac (probably is some version of the original 12 Legions of the Krysthl-a) but became a doctrine of mystery and religious superstition by coercion.
Meaning, according to C.M. Bey, both Amalgamated sons and Blond Mothers grew up ignorant of the Science of the Zodiac which lead to the corruption of the Moorish Empire.

They were under the influence of an “Islam of unreasonable procedures of religious worship, strenuous mysterious prayers, and restriction on literary education to the common masses”.

Also according to C.M. Bey, this downfall of the empire did not create the race and color scheme system but it did pave the way for the racial segregation system by creating regimentation, human caste system, slavery and economic and social degradation(crime and bloodshed).

This opened the door, also according to C.M. Bey, for the Army of the Mystic Banner of the Cross run by the Militant Patagonian (Leviathan) Blonds and by many Moslem Woman (Indigenous dark-skinned Moors AKA MU’URs/Maji Grail lines) and their sons to end the tyranny. For 364 years this battle raged from Peru to Alaska and across the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans of the northern hemisphere was known as the battle between the two different types of religious superstitions known as The Crescent and the Cross or the Mohamed and the Christ.

We still see how the polarized fragmentation continues to play out today. Both have pure authentic Krysthl-a roots that over time became fragmented. Now it is a matter of Humpty Dumpty putting the  pieces back together again. The Circle 7 Koran and Keylontic Science are both positive steps in putting the Pieces back together again of all the different lineages and Races of The All That Is with Natural Laws on how to learn to play nicely together and once again for all to be Laws onto themselves a-gain. Kinda like the “Do Not Cut Your Nose of to Spite Your Face”.

In closing, Alignment In Spirit Inc through it’s Being In Alignment in Spirit, Moorish Alignment in Spirit Facebook groups and Being A.I.S. Publication website is committed to the restoration and full embodiment of who we are as God Source 1st Eternal All’ah/Krysthl-a within this current 15 dimensional time matrix and beyond for the up-lift-ment of All Life Everywhere Taking New Thought to The Next Logical Step to Live Huge Now.
ISLAM Ashalum de Echasha Dur
Katie O’ She Wha’Nitah, A.I.S.
***Source and inspiration for this article was from “Introductory Topic Summary 1 Historical Origins of the MCEO teachings” by E’ ashayana Ahrayas “Speaker I” (Deane) 2009 Pages 5-6
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