Who Really Are Slaves? Taking New Thought to The Next Logical Step

No one in their innate nature is in servitude to another. It is never OK to force a people to ever be designated as less than another for Any Reason What So Ever.

 Where did the word Slave come from? There has been recent discussions among some very awakened Moors of America, who know they are not black and know that they did not come from somewhere else. They are indigenous to the Americas and struggle and fight everyday do educate their people to wake up and be their authentic Self and not be a Slave to being a commodity in the defacto Corporate US Stockmarket.  A corporate state where currently people are identified under Color of Law as Corporate Colored Persons such as white, black, yellow and red persons.
We all are not crayons and there is only one Race the Human Race divided up into Nations.

There is actually a deeper meaning to the root of the Word Slave:

“Slav (n.)
late 14c., Sclave, from Medieval Latin Sclavus (c. 800), from Byzantine Greek Sklabos (c. 580), from Old Church Slavonic Sloveninu “a Slav,” probably related to slovo “word, speech,” which suggests the name originally identified a member of a speech community (compare Old Church Slavonic Nemici “Germans,” related to nemu “dumb;” Greek heterophonos “foreign,” literally “of different voice;” and Old English þeode, which meant both “race” and “language”).
Identical with the -slav in personal names (such as Russian Miroslav, literally “peaceful fame;” Mstislav “vengeful fame;” Jaroslav “famed for fury;” Czech Bohuslav “God’s glory;” Latinized Wenceslas “having greater glory”), perhaps from PIE root *kleu- “to hear.” Spelled Slave c. 1788-1866, influenced by French and German Slave. As an adjective from 1876.”

Looking at the words origins “A member of a speech/Language community/ Voice”. We know that language or the voice of a people has a powerful energy signature. There is a fame (character attributed to someone). In naming we are then defining something. Making something or someone  distinct from another. For Hermetically when something is given a name/Language they are birthed with an identity of their own or a life of their own for the experience of IT.

In ancient history and even still today that those that are taken into “Slavery” are the Spoils of War or Forced Migration. The Moors of Colonial America, now called Black, Negros, African Americans, were Spoils of War and Forced Migrations. The original Slavs (multi-ethnic confederacies of Eurasia – such as the Sarmatian, Hun and Gothic empires) were Spoils of War and Forced Migrations. Now in a new land of soil and or Mind they no longer had say over The laws of The Lands/Worlds they inhabited.

A great People who were taken over by force by another and whose name of identity was taken from them. They were then homogenized into a new foreign culture. In that cast, Slavery has a new meaning. A spoil is a commodity a valued resource.

So maybe we re-examine who these so-called White People truly are and know they are finding their way back to their root language of being just as The So-called Black People are doing the same.

We are all finding our way back to the root of who we are because most all of us have been taken from the ground we were seeded from and moved to someplace else. Except for the Current Moors of America who in a way were taken from their land by being branded with a different Name (language/Voice) than they really are.

There are those that may never be able to make it back to their land both soil and Mind for they left it a very long time ago and others have taken their place and made it their own. I know there are those that disagree with that but the current World stage reflects this of new Countries created the old names long forgotten by the majority.

Those of us considered pale skinned Hybrids of the Americas or Modern Europeans. We are no longer connected to specific Earth Grids for we have become conglomerations of various Moorish cultures all expanding and evolving into something unique and bigger than what we originally started out as. We are actually the true Slaves.

I say Moorish Cultures because Modern European is an artificial construct in terms of it being a separate race or peoples from the Moors/Angelic Humans/indigenous Humans of the Earth plane. While at times both groups would like to see themselves as separate. They are not separate but intricately connected by the belly button. They are tied to the Earth Plane Mother All’ah of Soul.

These so called Modern European Hybrids are now solidified-transplants of the Americas, who for various reasons no longer are able to live in their original lands. They are in the process of finding their own nation of identity standing side by side with the indigenous American Moors. Some have been here so long and integrated deep into the Moorish soil that they are called American Indians who are still under Corporate Indian affairs control.

While many of these so called Modern Europeans look similar to many of the controllers who established the Corporate Demon-ocracy defacto color of law system. They are under color of law as Whites, and Indians and colonist status no longer tied to the land but now labeled as Corporate stock. The hidden hard truth is that many of the pale skin European transplants were the slaves or indentured Servents who came over from various European Nations. The plantations were established for them and then later during the “Reconstruction Era” the roles were reversed.

The roles had been reversed  by those who had completely lost their identity of who they are both to the land of their birth and the Spirit of the All One All’ah Ah-yah A’ya God Source 1st Eternal (You, Me, We, Us, They, IT) which caused a disassociation with the identity with Spirit Nature.  These Controllers go by many names and they are not defined by any one nation and we all have a bit of this disconnection within us or we would not be in their reality construct. There are no victims here just mindless disconnected creations. It is time to wake up and mindfully Create connected to who we All Are as IT or The All That Is.

Everyone at some level is a combination of “Hybrid” and “MU’UR” lineage and that is the way it should be as we all evolve and expand and grow together as The All One.

There is an echo of language voice we hear in the ancestors of our being. Not tied to any one area of the Earth Plane but connected to many different areas making up the whole of the Stewardship of The Earth Plane within the Universal Mind of Creation.

Look at who you are now. Listen to the notes sing. What a beautiful colorful singing tapestry. Those that can still connect themselves directly to the land. Kudos to you, Nationalize (http://www.rvbeypublications.com/id130.html).  Please study and “Take Your Place Among the Affairs of Men”.

Those that can not nationalize then listen to your core voice of being guiding you to the grids that resonate with you. Honor and respect the lay of the land. Play nicely with others and hold the intention of knowing that wherever you are there you are, home. Then and only then can you truly honor your ancient Mothers and Fathers who came before you and Dreamed your World into Being. (Oh and a little hint: You are your Ancient Relatives)

Those ancient times and spaces live in the Eternal Spacious Now. Feel within you Now their sorrows, fears, triumphs, loves, mis-takes, and creations that formulated the World you were birthed into within the Spacious Eternal Now, for oh how we play Taking New Thought to The Next Logical Step.

“We Play Upon The Midnight Blue.
We sing and dance around the fire.
Emanations spark beneath our feet as we hoot and holler Life breathes into being.
As we hoot and holler life breathes into being Each step taken is measured, freely we spin as the emanations sparks beneath our feet as we hoot and holler life breathes into being.
Life breathes into being as we dance hooting and hollering
The emanations sparks into life beneath our feet.
Beneath our feet, Beneath our feet.”
(By Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah, “Waking in Alania Book I: Orb of Ment-A”, page 187)