The Dreamer & The Dreamed: An Exploration Into Taking New Thought To The Next Logical Step to Re-Embody The Essence of The Law of One with The Self-Empowerment Principles of Awareness

The Guardians AKA The Dreamers

“Self-Identity vs Universal Conscious-ness? “As I explore the universe, I do not need to leave my body, for everywhere I go; there I AM in the Infinite Fields of the Eternal Mind.  No place may I travel were I AM not.  There is nothing we are not allowed to experience, be, do and say.  There is no judgment but the judging we choose to do for the experience of doing it.  I selfishly live for the joy of IT.  I am selfish enough to pay attention to the vibration of how I feel because how I feel tells me when I am in alignment with who I AM and when I am not (Abraham-Hicks).  Be-ing the Universal Conscious-ness I AM, I live a vibrational Life. ” (“The Self-Empowerment Principles of Awareness Handbook Re-Embody The Essence of The Law of One”,  page 12)

The Voyagers series by E’Ashayana Arhayas (Dean) and Seth (Roberts)speak of three seedings (Major Civilizations) to re-evolve humanity back to higher more expanded realms. We are the third seeding going into the 4th seeding being the new Crystal children coming in. The previous two seedings had many that with their helpers were able to re-member and expand into deeper realms. But there were and are still many that are still caught up in the dense matter without fully mastering their Bio-Spiritual experience.

Keylontic Science(Ashayana Deane/Arhayas), Andaraeon Theory by Robert Gidel and Kathryn Bostwick , Seth (Jane Roberts) and Circe 7 Koran by Noble Drew Ali and  Hermetic Laws refer in their own ways to see these powers or beings, helpers and/or  guides to help man evolve back out of physical matter and the science/ Laws/ Logos that underpins our foundation of Being. Typically these helpers have taken the trip themselves and so are better equipped to help people make it back through their rabbit holes of experience. This article explores just a little bit of the philosophy and science behind these Dreamers/Helpers who really are God Source 1st Eternal Ay’a All’ah (You, Me, We, Us, They, IT) and how we really do create our own reality in the spacious Now.

Interestingly Seth (Roberts) perspective is these helpers are other aspects of “The Entity Self” or someone with a close connection.  Because we have forgotten who we are they (Us) will then come as a religious figure or family member that the person can identify with to help them with the transition when they had passed from a physical form or in dreams to help them work through a situation.

So the next time you meet up in your dreams with a religious figure or Satan/ FataLEE/ Modern European/ Draconian/ Zeta or some other key figures know that they are personifying something within you. They are very real because you are very real. You are huge and everything and everyone that comes into your life is a holographically projected aspect of Mind. Both the individual you and the collective you are all pulsating sequentially together.

The Dreamer God Source 1st Eternal All’ah Ay’a (You, Me, We, Us, They IT) Lives in The Spacious Now of Creation Continually Evolving and Expanding:

“The Now is not just being present in the moment. The Now is the Eternal. The Now is where our Being-ness as Source Resides and in this space when we feel or imagine a desire, it is done, Now. So when is Now? It is Now. Oh, it is Now, oh Now….Now is Now and its Now, Now. Each next moment is Now. Always Eternal Now, even when we think of the past or the future. We are Now.” (“Self-Empowerment Principles of Awareness Handbook Re-Embody The Essence of the Law of One”, page 37)

In this Spacious Now we are all as IT continually refining and evolving the first Spark intention as The All One of The Mind.

“All thoughts of Allah are infinite not based on time because time begins and ends.” (“The Circle 7 Koran”, page 7)

Time is a construct we use to create form and structure and a sequence for the form to move through. Time does not define us as we define time by the thought creations we create as we Eternally Be Now.

 “In the beginning, there was all that had ever been, without shape or division. We will call this the Source of all there is, all there has been, and all there ever will be.  This Source was of non-physical nature, consisting of pure intelligence, energy and creative will. It was the Source of all the energy, conscious intelligence, and creativity of this or any other universe.  We will also call it the Universal Spirit, the Universal Mind and/ or the Creative Force.” (“Andaraeon Theory “by Robert Gidel and Kathryn Bostwick”, Page 1)

They further discuss in this state of Eternal Being there was not the idea/ Thought of division only eternal wholeness. In the eternalness of this Being came a new point of understanding that knew this experience was necessary through the art of interaction. It needed to understand other than Self through creating. This intelligence of Being knew the best way to do this was in creating more of itself. Through the interactions of these Selves and their creations, there would be a multiplying of its own understanding, intelligence, and creativity to the “Nth degree”. (Page 1)

From this awareness of this Universal Mind, the God Source 1st Eternal was born. Further developed was the awareness of the opposite of what IT considered the “good aspects” of self which in turn gave a contrast of expression.  The Ra: Law of One refers to this as Service To Self.

The Laws of Vibration:

“We can experience the vibration and knowledge of an Angel, Prophet, Avatar, Rishi or any other schema we can identify with.  We are the ‘arms’ or extensions of IT or the Medium we use to express IT.   We are IT so when we think we then create a persona of expression to be.  We are the “I AM” – no need for any qualifier after that unless we want to take on a particular persona to experience.  Each character or reality construct is like a suit of clothes we can put on for how-ever long we like and then take off as we return our full attention back to the World of the Eternal that We BE.”( “The Self-Empowerment Principles of Awareness Handbook Re-Embody The Essence of The Law of One”, page 17)

This Eternal Universal Mind then separated itself from its creations so it could then observe.  The Hermetic teachings, The Circle 7 Koran, Seth (Roberts) and Andaraeon Theory refer to the creating boundaries/ shape form to the All One or the Dreaming into Form bit by bit yet all in the Eternal Now. The Compass from Circle 7 Koran AKA Ma-Son-ry is the tool of mind used to draw circles around our passions and desires which in turn defined what our edges or logos would be.

We as the non-physical God Source 1st Eternal Ah’yah’ Aya/ All’ah are individuus of the Eternal Universal Mind that is continually fractaling to even more individuated expressions of the One through the contrast we live.  Also according to Seth (Jane Roberts) and Keylontic Science, we are a huge expansive Entities that through its evolution in expansion became/becomes many individual expressions throughout “Time and Space” all in the Spacious Now. This is not just an intellectual perspective this is an expanded evolved way of viewing every facet of your bio-spiritual existence to live Huge Now.

“Allah planted seeds of man into the soil of soul; it grew a pace, and men became a living soul; and he became the lord of all the Kingdom of the soul.” (“Circle 7 Koran”, page 2)

Seed could be seen as a fractal and/ or Individuus of the One/ All’ Ah. Also, the soil of soul or plane of the soul is within the astral plane or Density 2/ Harmonic Universe 2” Angelic Realm. Also, the Koran makes reference to Spirit Man being fashioned a Soul. Then Man eventually embodies a flesh to experience fully before then embodying the Soul again.

“To come from pure consciousness, in a non-physical form, one has to gradually slow down the vibration field in order to project into matter.  One must go through a process creating edges, or boundaries to the essence, before projecting it into a material form.  Pure spirit essence has no boundaries, so we had to create an astral body form in order to experience in this system.” (“Andaraeon Theory”, Page 5)

Hermetic Teachings are the backbone of the Circle 7 Koran/ Moorish Science. The following explains in more detail the above concept. Seth also speaks a great deal about “The Will” in terms of inner vitality. This will or Inner Vitality is what gives matter form and ability for action. Meaning the physical action does not give one life. The life comes from within the Being expressing as action.

“The Hermetic Teachings concerning the process of the Mental Creation of the Universe, are that at the beginning of the Creative Cycle, THE ALL, in its aspect of Being, projects its Will toward its aspect of “Becoming” and the process of creation begins. It is taught that the process consists of the lowering of Vibration until a very low degree of vibratory energy is reached, at which point the grossest possible form of Matter is manifested. This process is called the stage of Involution, in which THE ALL becomes “involved,” or “wrapped up,” in its creation. This process is believed by the Hermetists to have a Correspondence to the mental process of an artist, writer, or inventor, who becomes so wrapped up in his mental creation as to almost forget his own existence and who, for the time being, almost “lives in his creation,” If instead of “wrapped” we use the word “rapt,” perhaps we will give a better idea of what is meant.” (

The writer further discusses how the “All” then goes from the stage of involution towards the Individuated (fractaled/ Individuus) evolution of ITself.  We as God Source 1st Eternal All’ah Ah-yah’ Aya (You, Me, We, Us, They, IT) are indeed Wrapped or rapt up in the manifest experience. Through these entanglements we are continually expanding the bounds of what we had known was possible on the leading edge of Creation.

This is where the Circle 7 Koran says Man fell to the carnal nature of his lower self and so gave up his power over the Elements of Nature.  I would not say we “fell” so much as really created one heck of a complex lower Self and have been wrapped up in all its creations but that we are Eternal Beings that live Now, Now, Now what are a few eons of living a carnal life to the Eternalness. Quite an experience down the rabbit holes we have been doing.

The current Keylontic Science doctrine is in some agreement with this interpretation of Falling or running “Reversed Mechanics”. While there is some truth to this perspective that certain choices made that hold a particular vibrational signature does affect the Energetic Manifestation Template/ Krist Code construct (Refer to page 9 of SEPA Handbook Re-Embody…) This can eventually lead to a fracturing of the Template structure. But the key point to always keep in “Mind” is we are not the Template DNA/ Bloodline.

We are the essence of Source that created the Template and the life that is breathed or Dreamed through the Template structure. Yet each Template structure affects every other Template structure affecting the whole design.  As there is a natural desire to explore there is also a natural desire to connect all aspects of Self or find our way home.  We each are finding our balance in each Now, Now, Now moment as we continually evolve and expand or “Live Huge Now”.

“Balance is listening to our Internal/ Eternal feel voice that says “this works”, or “this is enough” or” this is not enough” in each Eternal Now Moment. Our Balance is continually changing as we re-evolve.  What was in Balance for us yesterday may not be in balance for us today.

“Which means, how can there be any set routine that we can live by to stay in Balance? Routine lives in the static Finite 2nd Creation Mechanics realm.  There is no “Right Way” to live; there is ONLY “Feels Right” in each Eternal Forever Now Moment.”  (“Self-Empowerment Principles of Awareness oeveHandbook Re-Embody The Essence of The Law of One”, page 53)

Seth (Roberts) spoke of the importance of trusting one’s own inner impulses. This goes against what society tells us and wants us to believe.  Every society has its values and norms to live by to control its citizens and Nationals.

denying any to other species. Your bodies then were relegated to nature and your souls to God, who stood immaculately apart from His creations.”  (The Individual and The Nature of Mass Events by Jane Roberts, page 48)

We tend to refer to this separation as the Higher and Lower Self.  We also place the “Ego” into that terrible weak, carnal lower self. Meaning our bodies and nature has become a dangerous entity. Yet are we not a beautiful bio-spiritual creation? The body was designed for exploration and creation. The body was dreamed under the premise that life is good and powerful and joyful and it was meant to expand and evolve. The body is naturally, therefore, was designed to take care of you the dreamer.

“The body is an elemental Keylon Code Being so listen to what it desires without judging.  It is not the Carnal Earthly enemy that so many “Spiritual Disciplines” make it out to be.   Anarchy does not mean disorder.  Anarchy means self-rule.  We really have been sold a ‘Bill of Goods”.” (Self-Empowerment Principles of Awareness Handbook Re-Embody The Essence of The Law of One, page 54)

According to Seth (Roberts), the body senses all the data around it but ultimately relies on its maker the dreamer to guide it. When we are caught up in artificial mental and emotional constructs of reality the body has to follow what we tell it. When we are continually overwhelmed by artificial sense data the body will create diseases or the collective psyche will create mass events to release the tensions and manifest what was in Mind to shift it to a better state of being.

In conclusion, You Are The Leading Edge of Creation

“The difference be-ing “are we creating deliberately or by default” (Abraham-Hicks)?  In other words, are we paying at-tens-ion to how we feel and choosing better feeling thoughts and following our own Eternal / Internal Guidance System?  Or are we, instead, following what others tell us to do to fit in or “get along” and doing a lot of forced action to manipulate and “Make Things Happen”?  Both ways get more of the same for what you put your at-tens-ion on you get more of either wanted or un-wanted.” (Self-Empowerment Principles of Awareness Handbook Re-Embody The Essence of The Law of One, page 31)

One thing we can conclude so far is reality is not rock bottom solid and no event is written in stone. If anything it is continually changing, as each individuus of the All One is evolving and changing. Each individuus has its own Mind reality it lives in its own Lone Harmonic or tonal signature where all tones harmonize to make the whole. Each tone is a combination of notes that create a fantastic symphony.  Each Symphony harmonizes with all other music to create a multi-universal orchestra that expands time and space as we know it reaching into the deep ethers of our Eternal Being.

A “place” where every thought tone harmonic lives waiting to be fully manifest as a taste it, touch it, smell it Reality in the Light body manifest Mind of the All One God Source 1st Eternal Ay’a All’ah (You, Me, We,  Us, They, IT).  When these thought tones are played they harmonize, this is where true communication begins. Harmonizing is also just another word for love or LUV (Lowest Unified Velocity). The meeting point of the All with itself is where the Universal orchestra is played.

“The Plane of Soul is but the ether of the Spirit Plane vibrating not so fast, and in the slower rhythm of this Plane the essences of life are manifest; the perfumes and the odors, the true sensations and the all of love are manifest.” (“Circle 7 Koran”,  page 2)

“Aether (Ether) Theory and the existence of a medium upper air or pure fresh air, Space-filling substance or field, thought to be necessary as a transmutation medium for the propagation of electromagnetic or gravitational force”/  (unified field, morph), (Wiki)

Through this meeting point life is breathed into each now, now, now connection creating a holographic three-dimensional orb-constructs or “Thought Reality Bubble (TRB)”. Please refer to “The Self-Empowerment Principles of awareness Handbook Re-Embody The Essence of The Law of One” page 48 and 68 for more details on the dimensional structure. All TRB have 3 basic components which are 1.  Molecular or smallest Keylon programmed units, 2. the Elemental/Emotional/ Inner Vitality/Will and 3.  the holographic directing force/”The Conductor”.   The Conductor sits in ITs orchestra seat playing with great emotional feeling the Keylon notes.  These notes are electro tonal sound light vibrations that emanate a tapestry of light and sound or a painted canvas that sings.

Another way of saying this is to believe the World into existence.  The actual root origin of the word belief is “PIE *leubh- to care, desire, love”.

Through LUV/Harmonizing “The World” is created. So we can now gain a better inner-standing when Seth said: You create your own reality by your thoughts, beliefs, feelings and expectations.

The Circle 7 Koran: Chapter 2 “22. Now, love cannot manifest until its way has been prepared, and naught can rend the rock and bring down lofty, hills and fill the valleys up, and thus prepare the way, but purity.”

When looking with a new meaning at the word love as well as inner-standing that Christ was considered the Carpenter of The Mind who used his tools the square, compass, ladder, ax, plane, chisel and plum to fashion the World of Mind. We could exchange the word Carpenter for Conductor.  Also following this example Christ in Keylontic Science represents the Christos which is our 12th Dimensional Avatar pale Silver liquid light blueprint for this current “Silicate Time Matrix” of The Mind. So Christ/Christos resides in each of us not as a man but as Awake Aware Consciousness Blue Print Dreamer/Helper where the Funnel referred to below is very wide compared to the narrow opening here in The Harmonic Universe/Density 1 World.

“Your past lifetimes, descending into denser (less conscious) forms, was mostly an experience stage, so there was very little training in-between lives. It was a gradual inundation into matter and experience was gained slowly.  The teaching and learning phases are now, when you start to come back out of dense forms, because you have lost your identity up to this point. There would be no purpose for this book, if you remembered what and who you were at the time you first discovered the physical-material realm.” (“Andaraeon Theory”, page 108)

Also, the Andaraeon Theory refers to entering and exiting the cone/funnel. Keylontic science refers to it as the dimensional planes. Seth (Roberts) also in much of his works talked about different levels of being the soul, Over-Soul, higher Self, Inner being, Inner Ego and outer Ego all making distinctions of different states of Being and all states being their own identity yet still making up the whole of the identity/ Entity. At the top is a wide-open funnel where much of self can be embodied or circulated through. As the funnel narrows less and less of conscious aware self can circulate and be embodied.

So this is where our helpers of The Mind come into play as “Christ, Mohamed, Buddha and Noble Drew Ali” and many other Speakers not named in History books, helping us to re-member who we are as we find our way back out of the Rabbit holes of experience. Experiences we created as Carpenters/conductors of Mind through Beliefs (To Care, Desire, Love) for the joy and expansion but in our forgetting IT became mindless creations. We are now re-learning to create Mind-fully.

We are making the crooked edges straight, cleaning up the clutter, breaking up the old Re-Sent-Ment thought rocks that are blocking the flow of Pure Awareness to flow into our inner valleys of Mind.



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