By Honoring the Ancient Ones We Honor who we are as God Source 1st Eternal as we bring Old Thought and New Thought to their Next Logical Step

The science of Mind (Holmes), Seth (Jane Roberts), Abraham-Hicks, Keylonta (E’Ashayana Ahrayas), Lisa Renee and many others including Being A.I.S. Publications honors taking New Thought to the Next Logical Step in Inner-standing that “You Create Your Own Reality”. How then does Old Thought/Moorish Science fit in?

Moor is a modern term for the indigenous first-born people (Angelic Humans of the Elohei Elohim lineage) of the Earth Plane. The Moabite lineage that brought together the Lemurians of MU and the Atlantians who were the People of Ur Creating MU’UR which later with the Templar Annu Elohim became the Moors.

We currently call these Moors:  Black, Negros, coloreds, Mexicans, Chines, Arabs, Latinos, American Indians…  They are the Asiatic people who established the governmental structure we all go by as a Human Race and this affords them a due respect when they stand on their roots strong and firm.  Right now most are living under Colonial occupation of “Color of Law” in violation of the Laws Set up by “The Mind” or All’ah.

It means when a Moor stands in his/her proper person claims the right of their seeded birthed land and stands on the Earth Plane Natural/ Hermetic Law they then should be followed.

Kathara Grid by Ahrayas Productions

This Natural Law Governmental structure of “The Mind” of Moorish Science/ Ma-Son-ry/ Kabalistic science has over the many thousands of years been altered a bit from its Keylonta roots from when it was a part of the KRYS-THL’-A: The 12 Oral Legions(Base 12 Dimensional) teachings.

Due to certain events and Earth changes these teachings were altered and changed to the Kaballistic teachings of a base 10 Dimensional Plane. Since then even alterations have occurred with these teachings with the Templar Annu-Elohim influence.

The Templar (Annu-Elohim) Annunaki was assigned to establish Laws and enforce these “Laws of Mind” of All’ah. Now these Natural Laws/ Hermetic Laws have been hugely altered from their original holistic meanings by the ones assigned to protect and enforce them, who thought they were helping.

The Templars have always been known for their male dominating rulership bloodline slant which to this day flows through all the basic religions and Kabbalistic teachings.  The Templar Annunaki who is an aspect of “The Mind” both represented the areas needing growth and expansion but also the means for that expansion.

These Hybrid Templar groups are what we commonly know as “White Europeans” genetically.  The Cabal as a renegade faction of this lineage. This lineage  also were genetically engineered to embody the full 12 Strand DNA ascension code packet that currently lies dormant in our DNA to bring the Earth Plane codes back to a base 12 Earth Plane.

The Cabal is a renegade faction that coopted some of these hybrids but due to their compromised Template structure cannot run the full codes and are working to keep everyone accept for the ones they control from running the codes. Our current Demon-ocracy Government that infiltrated the Constitutional Republic is a good example of their power.

As God Source 1st Eternal All’ah Ah-yah’’ Aya  (You, Me, We, Us, They, IT) expanded and evolved parts of Self went down “Many Rabbit holes” of existence causing what appeared to be further fragmentation of “Self”. Many groups all have their interpretation of this. The bottom line has been how to incorporate all these selves back together for the replenishment and full experience of All’ah self to experience IT all.

We are in the process like Humpty Dumpty of putting all the pieces back together again. This partly meant developing the intellect of the mind of the Lower Self Fleshy bio-body for re-establishing the Bio-Spiritual connection. The Templar’s have a very highly developed intellect. This Intellect was Hybridized into the Earth peoples Bloodline (Angelic Human) for both groups evolution. This has created a very torrid love affair. Plus you mix the Draco/Lizard Brain – fight or flight survival codes into the mix and we have been having quite the crazy ride for about 800,000 years of “Third Seeding” Mind Dramas, LOL.

All parts of Self need to be validated honored as in seen for what they are and where they fit into the whole of who we are as IT. So I go back to the start of the discussion of the value the Moorish Science i.e. the Moors. We need to know our roots to then fill in the missing pieces and then be able to Take New Thought to the Next Logical Step of becoming fully Bio-Spiritual Beings in New Earth.

This means each individuus one of The All One “went” where it needed to simultaneously incarnate in all time-vectors for IT’s evolution. Meaning in one whole entity life you are “Pale skinned European” in one time vector or  in the same or another time vector you are a “Dark skinned Moor” of the Americas and of all variations of constructed time vectors and this is not tide to just this Earth Plane for one’s Inner Being is vast and can experience many Universes all at once.  Sometimes these parts of The Self get along and sometimes they really dislike each other but all are Clan family of the One Self.  Keylonta speaks of Spheres within Spheres within spheres of expression all time sequenced within the Ka-Tha-Ra Template.

We made sure we had certain codes embedded in the DNA to help us to become fully present to whom we are as IT “home”. We tend to call these codes the Ascension Codes. Some of us through our ventures on the leading edge of creation chose certain times to live without these codes and the associated memory of who we are.

The Anu-Elohim consciousness tended to be a group that has been experiencing living without these codes. Yet because we all experience everything at once then everyone is experiencing both having and not having. Now is the time to bring all the experiences together.

Noble Drew Ali’s contribution to the Moors and the Uplift meant of Fallen Humanity:

Noble Drew Ali is considered by many to be “The Last Profit” of this Cycle.  I have no facts to prove or disprove this but I do respect his teachings just as I respect Christ’s(Jeshua) teachings.  Noble did have a powerful purpose that stands out even stronger now than it did during his time of the 1920’s which is to Uplift  Fallen Humanity i.e. “Putting Humpty Dumpty back together again”.

The Circle 7 Koran is one of his greatest legacies.  He did the best he could in going back to the root teachings and establishing a foundation based on the 7 Hermetic Principles (Natural Law)that we as God Source 1st Eternal All’ah Ah-yah’ A’ya (You, Me, Us, they, IT) agreed upon in the formation of this Time Matrix.

It focuses on the “Science of the Mind” of how as a “Carpenter” we fashion the World of Mind. Just as Seth Spoke about the Building Blocks (Patterns of Thought) of Mind.    He gave a good foundation that anyone can study to build on the New Thought teachings and each person’s own inner Guidance as The One. Well worth to have in your collection of transformational material.

We are our Savior for we are the only ones that can get in touch with our own inner mind to put the pieces back together again. No one else no matter how great they are can do that for us.

Indigenous Governmental structure based on Natural Hermetic Law. Laws based on each person being a Law unto themselves and not the current controller Feudal Demon-acracy we have now. In other words The Uplifting Fallen Humanity by waking up and educating the indigenous Moors of the Land who have strong ancestral (Ascension Codes) memory to the laws of the land of Mind. When this knowledge hits the mainstream Media, it will be the biggest Full-Disclosure Event.

How a lost nation of people can rediscover their place on this Plane called Earth. How as a collective of God Source 1st Eternal All’ah worked together to fashion a powerful and beautiful Civilization that has lasted for thousands of years and upon which the current United States Government constitution had been established.  For the founding fathers were Deists under the protection of the Moorish Empire.

This is where groups like rvbeypublications and Moorish Alignment In Spirit comes into play. Helping humanity connect with their ancestral roots to reestablish natural law ISLAM of I Self Law Am Master for each one of us is IT. We have all been living a feudal controlled Color of Law unlawful way for at least about 500 years or so and no longer shall we live under a fraudulent code system that violates the constitution itself.

The Moorish Science of IT ALL:

This takes us to another aspect of Moorish law which is the astrological and Kaballistic aspects of the Individual psyche interconnected with the Universal Planes of existence. “Moorish Science aka Ma-Son-ry aka Ma-Moslem (study of bones, muscles and tissues/Keylon codes)-Son (off-spring or manifest holographic projection)-ry (ery-the performing or acting of) is first and for most how we each come to know who we are as both flesh and spirit and how the two shall meet in “The Mind”. This knowledge of the workings of “The Mind” can then be extrapolated to the outer holographic reality of the Earth Plane and the Universe.  All coded Keylon constructs we All’ah create for the expansion of IT. Keylonta is a very powerful teaching to help clear up some of the distortions with this information.

Interestingly both Keylonta and Moorish Science share a connection with the Matriarchal rulership. There is a deep root in all the disciplines of the Vibrational connection to Creation. The female/Earth Mother (Moslem)/Plane of Soul are the tangible manifestation of that pre-Sound Vibration.  Whether you are the first hybrid (for we are forever evolving and growing) Creation of the Earth Plane existence or one of the new Crystal Hybrid Children coming in you are IT. You would not be here if the power that creates Worlds was not running through you.

Yet, we as God Source 1st Eternal All’ah are not stagnant for as we establish a firm foundation upon our ancient roots (putting the pieces back together) we also explore and expand our thoughts of whom and what we are; then only do we truly honor our “Ancient Mothers and Fathers”.

Also as I have said before the ancient doctrines have been doctored/altered so they are filled with many distortions to have you focus outside yourself. The Dogmas that focus on being a Child of the One which is a Templar sect is still putting attention away from self to this Father figure that we have to look up to. The old doctrines are a springboard into our own Eternal Being and from there we expand into ever new horizons of expression from all kinds of directions.

 The “New Thought” is our way of putting the altered distorted pieces back together again keeping the focus within of “You Create Your Own Reality” instead of focusing on some God outside ourself that we have to follow for our own salvation.

The Flame of E’ Lai-Sah

We invite you to explore your own Inner Being from all angles of expression as you ride the surf on The Leading Edge of Creation. The science of Mind (Holmes), Seth (Jane Roberts), Abraham-Hicks, Keylonta (E’Ashayana Ahrayas), Lisa Renee and many others including Being A.I.S. Publications do honor the ancient ones taking old and new thought to the next logical step.

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