This is For All Who Struggle With Their Lower-Self Seemingly to No End

This Poem was inspired by a combination of listening to some of Jane Roberts Poems and doing my own personal Belief Journal. This Poem was my Inner Being O’she’s answer.  How complicated we make life as I stand before you all unfettered. LOL

To My Demonic Soul

I, the Un-nameless One, call to my Demonic Soul. The one who rages against the walls of time’s own ridged rhyme.

You fall prey to your own tirades in the mists of dawn. You lay asunder in the moon’s light as you call to your purgatory’s raged edge.

Blaming flames of self-unfettered as you try to climb your way a sundered. Yet now you stand a figment of my imaginings ebbing you all across the billions of, my mind a vision of time and space.

We stand now in this hollowed moment of reckoning too small to fit the thimble yet too big to fit the Universe.

We stand entranced before the open trance of Eternity.

By Katie O’She Wha’ Nitah

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